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Simplify song requests.

RequestNow allows partygoers to text their favorite songs instantly to the DJ. RequestNow's algorithm will even correct for mistyped song names. Now, DJs can stay focused on their set while providing the attendee the best experience possible.

song requests

Connect directly with your audience.

Using RequestNow's messaging system, you can interact directly with partygoers. Respond to individual messages, send a text to all the people who requested a particular song, or thank attendees after an event. RequestNow lets the audience feel involved and provides the DJ with the information to carry out the perfect event.

connect with audience

Market your brand.

Strategically place your brand on outgoing text messages with a custom message and guarantee that your DJ name is remembered by partygoers. RequestNow also allows you to send a message to all participating attendees after an event where you can include booking information, your website, or a thank you message.