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Learn about the features of RequestNow.

Automatic Song Detection

Our SMS system will detect the song and artist or identify messages. It's fun for users and keeps DJs organized. Try our song detection demo!

RequestNow Number

A telephone number in your local area code. Don't let guests spam your cell phone. We provide the QR code and numbers can be dedicated to you for just $30 /yr!

Thank You Message

Business cards are old news. Have your info in everyones pocket by sending an SMS blast thanking guests while sending your contact information.

Contact Card

Along with the Thank You message, each guest can recieve a Contact Card. This is natively supported on Android + Apple phones and allows guests to save your info into their address book. The modern business card!

Play Games

Interact with more guests through SMS. Run a raffle, ask questions for the Shoe Game, try the Great Emoji Race and many more!

Accept Photos!

Learn more about our Photo Wall product here.