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Live Photo Wall Via Text
Guests text in the fun and candid photos to your RequestNow number. Simply scan a QR code. No app required.
Features A better way to share memories
Integrates with your RequestNow account.
Simple & Accessible
Guests use their phones to snap photos. These are the fun and candid photos guests are taking throughout the night.
Easy Setup
Stream the slideshow using a TV or a projector with an internet connected device. Simply load a link in the browser and make it fullscreen.
Moderate all Photos
Approve or deny which photos get displayed to the crowd.
Engage with Guests
Brand yourself through the custom auto-reply and a thank you blast at the end of the event. It’s a great way to engage and connect with your guests.
Pricing $40 USD ($50 CAD) per event.
No restrictions on number of photos or guests served. So what are you waiting for, try us out!
FAQs Frequently asked questions
Can I get the photos afterwards?

Yes, we can send you a Google Photo Album link with all photos. You must request this.

How long are photos stored?

We will store all photos for 3 months. If you want to keep the photos, ask us.

If a photo is denied can I access it later?

No, if a photo is denied or removed from the current rotation it is deleted from our system.

When can guests start sending photos?

Guests can send photos when the event is active. By default, this is 10AM the day of the event and runs for 24hrs.

Can text/shoutouts or videos be displayed?

Not at this time. Only photos.

Can I just use Photo Wall? Not the song request system?

Yes, Photo Wall works without the RequestNow song request system. Photo Wall is built for non-DJ users too!

What countries can this be used in?

Just the USA and Canada.