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Put Your Set List in the Audience's Hands
SetList allows guests to browse and suggest songs from your catalog. All they need is the QR code - no app required.

You can auto-reply with a custom text that includes your social handles, venmo, or any other info you want to share with them.

SetList in Action
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A better way to engage with the crowd.
Simple & Accessible
Guests use their phone to scan a QR code. They will scroll through a pre-set list of your songs.
Easy Setup
SetList makes it easy to add and remove songs from your catalog. You'll have a personal dashboard to view requests and messages.
Increase Tips
SetList automatically responds to requests with a custom text, which can include your Venmo, CashApp, or Paypal handles.
Engage with Guests
Brand yourself through the custom auto-reply and a thank you blast at the end of the event.
Pricing $60 USD ($75 CAD) per month.
No restrictions on number of events or guests served. So what are you waiting for? Try us out!
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
What countries can SetList be used in?

USA, UK and Canada.

I already have a RequestNow account. Can I use SetList?

Yes, contact us about switching plans